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released September 9, 2016

The Ruby Troupe's first release, 2012's Spogy EP (, was born of an entirely different Troupe than that of the new SILT EP. The RT's original singer, Edgar Edwin, passed the torch to Saint Louis resident John Donovan in 2013 after Edwin's model train obsession landed him in trouble with the wife. John tells us, "Edgar and I ended up next to each other on a bus -- he was on exile to a motel for a few weeks -- and we got to talking about music. Then he asked me to sing and he said my voice sounds pretty close to his. Next thing I knew, I was lead singer of The Ruby Troupe."

Artistic, aesthetic, geopolitical, and neo-frivolous differences eventually drove the departure of bassist Abraham Feathers, drummer Ernest Mobley, and guitarist John Rousseau, all of whom moved to Madrid and formed the band Vultures Of Vultureland ( The two remaining original members of the Ruby Troupe (Philander P. Soloman and Rosco Fogg) left on good terms when they were offered an indefinite in-store figure drawing residency at their local auto shop. This left singer/guitarist John Donovan with a proverbial blank Ruby Troupe canvas, to which he has added the colorful contributions of bassist Steve Lenivy, drummer Christopher Fenter, and guitarist Andy Berkhout.


Recorded live at Gaslight STL.
Engineered and mixed by Mark Cange.
Big thanks to the folks at Gaslight and to Thomas Crone for the recording session hookup.

Bass: Steve Lenivy
Drums: Christopher Fenter
R Guitar: Andy Berkhout
Vocals, L Guitar: John Donovan

All songs by John Donovan ©2016




John Donovan St Louis, Missouri

29-year-old songwriter John Donovan lives in Saint Louis, MO.

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